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The heel work is very important for both retrievers and spaniels, even though the retriever is required to have a more exact heeling position than the spaniel. The aim is that the dog follows the handler, without the handler having to focus on the dog. We start the heel work training as soon as we can with our puppies and on this page you’ll find all our blog posts on the subject.

Follow the Left Leg

The difference between an easy marked retrieve and a difficult blind retrieve Last summer when we were in England at  Philippa William’s Castleman’s gun dogs & Dogs for Life’s summer camp we got good advice on how to train heelwork. Among other...

Calm heeling

When I began to work on gun dog heeling with Totte, I had been working on his heeling for obedience for two years. That training wasn’t going that well. Totte has always had a tendency to make noise and we weren’t getting anywhere because he was vocalizing. I have...

Flamingo walk

When I was in England visiting Phillippa Williams last summer (www.dogsforlife.co.uk) we got to try a slightly different way of training heelwork. Simply put we teach the dog to go forward when we move our left foot and stop when we raise our right foot. Besides...
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