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The vital recall

The better the recall my dog has, the more freedom I can give it.  It is an old truth that most of us know. But truthfully, how good is your recall really?   Are you like us and love giving your dog great freedom and watching it run loose across fields and...

Having a shy and careful hunting dog

Quling, the beautiful, friendly cuddly dog <3. Quling is a dog that has proven to be what you traditionally call “a soft dog”. By that I mean a dog that for example becomes uneasy in certain environments, when meeting new people, who is gun shy, who is...

Hello, who’s this then?

One of the best days in life is the day when a new puppy enter the house. So much joy, love and hope! And there you are, adoring your puppy, thinking about all the fun you will have and… before you blinked the puppy is 10 months and a hand full. 😉 Elsa and I...
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