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On the blog we write about  the book, clicker training and our thoughts about gun dog retrieving and field trial training.

Lovely one to one training with Tosca today - focusing on delivery to hand from water and casting in water. 💪💪👍 ...

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Lars is really great at doing our walks funny - guess who the dogs keep an eye on? 😎💪🏼 Today puppy Stomp was introduced to the game “jump up on a rock”. It’s really important to no letting puppies jump down from high things, so this stump is really low. Obviously Stomp have not heard that she isn’t supposed to jump … 😅🙈🙄💓 ...

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At yesterday’s training Keen and I were on slightly different planets - we haven’t been training that much since the puppy arrived - but after a few repetitions where I walked all the way out into the field to get him so he wasn’t allowed to continue working when he didn’t respond to my cues he realised that it was much more fun to work together with me. 😀👍 During the training I also got to shoot some clays as a distraction for the dogs and that was so much fun! I haven’t been shooting since last year, but I was quite happy with my performance 💪💪

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I have started training Stomp to train together with my other dogs. I often have at least two dogs out when training - it’s effective and they learn how to act when other dogs do things around them. I start to just say the different dogs name and reward Stomp if she stay put. Then I increase the difficulty and ask them to move towards me - my focus is still on Stomp and her being steady. 🙏😊🙌 ...

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July 2021

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Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Puppy training
Puppy training
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