Hello, who’s this then?

One of the best days in life is the day when a new puppy enter the house. So much joy, love and hope! And there you are, adoring your puppy, thinking about all the fun you will have and… before you blinked the puppy is 10 months and a hand full. 😉

Elsa and I sometimes meet people who has had one or two dogs before saying “i will NOT make the same mistakes as I did with my last dog”.

Then we use to say “well, every dog is different, and maybe you shouldn’t worry at all about making the same mistakes. Try instead to look at the puppy you have in front of you, and see what he needs and what you should do or not do with him.”

We also meet handlers struggling with their teenager-dogs saying “if only I’d done right from the start”

In fact we have met them so many times that 2 years ago I started a online course in Swedish called “Hello, who’s this then?” trying to coach handlers to do as many rights from the start as possible. Because one thing you can be sure of – we will all do mistakes and regret things we did or did not do with our puppy. 🙂 BUT we can at least TRY to do as many rights from the start as possible.

So! Now we have translated this course into English, and we long to meet you and your puppy there. 🙂

Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate I will give YOU a present :). For the rest of January I will give you a special offer. You can either join the course that includes personal feedback for 149 USD (from Februari 1st it will cost 199 USD) or the course without feedback for 59 USD (from February 1st it will cost 80 USD).

Read more about what the 10 lessons are about here: