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Online course: Boosting Your Recall in 30 Days – with personal feedback


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30 day intensive course!

Starting on January 17th we’re giving a 30 day intensive course to help you boost your dogs recall!

The course is held in a private Facebook group where you get new exercises twice a wekk. In total you’ll get at least 12 exercises and a some bonus exercises that you can do with your dog to really improve your recall. During the course you can ask an unlimited number of questions. You can also post videos of your training and get personal feedback on them.

Register now, the first 15 spots are available at early bird pricing – 50 % discount

  • Early bird 50% discount
  • Second bird 25% discount
  • Third bird 15% discount

Do you want to give your dog more freedom? Do you want a dog that follows you when your out on your walks instead of the other way around? Do you want to know that your dog will come when you call it? Then we have the perfect online course for you!

A good recall is critical in order to have the dog off leash. During the course you’ll get training tips both on how you can teach your dog to follow you when it’s off leash and how you get it to come when called even though there’s distractions around.

Do you recognize this?

But would rather have this?

Then this is the course for you!

Learning goals

After the course you will know

  • How to train a dog to keep an eye on you offleash
  • How to increase the difficulty of the distractions gradually to create a reliable recall signal

Course leader: Elsa Blomster

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January 17th, 2022


Elsa Blomster

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