Clicker Training and Gun Dog Retrieving

Welcome to Retrieving for All Occasions!

Retrieving for All Occasions is our book where we write about retrieving training for gun dogs and clicker training. On our webpage you can read more about the book, gun dog training with clicker and follow our blog where we write about the training with our dogs. If you want a quick introduction to gun dog retrieving, read the page called Gun Dog Retrieving - there you will find explanations, videos and pictures of all parts of the retriever and spaniel work.
Retrieving for All Occasions was published in Swedish in December 2012. We are currently working on the English translation and it will be available as an e-book in February 2015 and as a printed book in March or April 2015.
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Clicker Training

Clicker training

Clicker training is a fun and engaging training method where we focus on all the good behaviors our dog does. We click and treat everything that we like, which will make the dog do even more good things that we can reward. With a more advanced term this is called positive reinforcement. Think of maths - positive means adding something. In this case we add something that the dog wants,. For example we say "down", the dog lies down and we give it a treat.

Gun Dog Retrieving


Gun dog retrieving is a fun way of activating your dog. We will focus mainly on gun dog retrieving, but most breeds usually find the retrieving exercises enjoyable.