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“Fika” training

On this blog we have so far been quite good at describing the training we do technically (or at least we try to be good at it). One can almost get the impression that we train and train and like never breathe, as if we never let our dogs take it easy in the training....

Creative distraction training

Simply put, we can say that we make our training more difficult in three ways: By increasing distance or duration and by adding distractions. However, never at the same time. Working with distractions is a way to proof what we’ve trained the dog to do. If we get...

Swedish Spaniel Championship 2017

Going through the archive I found a text I wrote about the Swedish Spaniel Championship 2017 and thought I would share it with you beause it was so much fun! I’ve been to my first National! And I promise: More will follow. It was so much fun and so festive and...
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