Bonus Material

On this page you’ll find bonus material for the book Retrieving for All Occasions. The material is a complement to the book in order to facilitate your training. Good luck!

List of Sub-Goals – a list of all subgoals your gun dog needs to know

Training Plan – makes it easier for you to plan what you need to teach the dog. Start with what behavior you’re going to teach the dog. What does it look like? Be as concrete as possible – that will make the training easier you. When planning, think of what distractions you need to add and what cue you should have for the behavior.

Instruction to Helpers for practice trials/tests – to get as effective training as possible you need structure and planning. This document can be used both for your ordinary training and when you’re arranginge practice trials or tests.

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations for field trials, working tests, hunting tests etc vary a lot between the different countries. Please refer to your kennel club to find the rules that apply in your country.

UK: The Kennel Club – Field Trials and Working Gun Dogs

USA: The Kennel Club – Retriever Hunting Tests

USA: The Kennel Club – Spaniel Hunting Tests