Which online course suits you?

With or without personal feedback?

Do you want to train on your own or do you want personal feedback on your specific training problems? Sometimes you can solve it in your own with a self study course, and other times it is great to get answers to specific questions and feedback on submitted videos. Sometimes you just need some new input through an inspirational webinar!

General or specific?

Do you know what you want to train? Or do you want to do a little of everything and see what the training is about and then decide what you want to continue with? We offer both general courses on f ex gun dog foundations and specific courses on f ex delivery to hand and recall.

Level of experience

How experienced are you in gun dog training and clicker training? All our courses are based on the clicker training philosphy. If you’re new to clicker training and/or gun dog training, our foundations course is a great place to start. If you’re slighlty more experienced our courses on specific topics or our advanced courses probably suits you the best.

What does people say about our online courses?

Such a great resource presented in a way that nobody else is. My dog will now take, hold and give on request without one bit of force. Thanks Elsa and Lena.
Nancy Savidge

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How experienced are you in gun dog training and clicker training?

What type of training are you looking for?

Do you want personal feedback on your training?

Common Questions

What do I need to participate in an online course?

Not much at all 🙂 If you’re reading this you’ll be able to participate – you just need your computer or phone with an Internet connection. If you want to upload videos and get feedback you also need something to record your videos with (f ex your phone) and somewhere to upload your videos (f ex a free YouTube account)

How often do I get feedback? How much feedback do I get?

You can upload an unlimited number of videos and ask an unlimited number of questions (as long as they’re within the topic of the course 😉 ). We try to give you feedback within two working days.

How long time do I have access to the course?

You have access to all the course material without any time limit – it’s just the personal feedback that is limited. On each registration page you’ll see how long the feedback period is for that course.

Will I really learn enough from just attending an online course? Isn’t an IRL course much better?

You can definitely learn a lot from the online courses – it all depends on how easy you find it to learn from reading, watching videos and get feedback on your own videos compared to hearing someone talk to you IRL. In our experience our online students learn a lot and really appreciate the opportunity to get feedback on their videos, often with reference to specific timestamps in the videos where something important happened. That way the can go back to the video and watch it again and again to see what happened and what they did.

How are the online courses structured?

We offer two versions of most of our courses – with and without personal feedback. The structure and content of the courses are exactly the same, the only thing that differs is the personal feedback.

In each online course you’ll get access to several lessons with instructions and videos of the exercises. You will get exercises to practice on your own and sometimes you’ll also get to answer small quizzes to help you with your planning and training. If you’ve signed up for a course with personal feedback you’ll be able to ask an unlimited number of questions and upload an unlimited number of videos in our forum and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (at the latest within three working days).