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In the blog we write about  the book, clicker training and our thoughts about gun dog retrieving and field trial training.

Do as I Say! (casting)

To work with independent dogs   Diesel is a very independent dog, and I have to work hard to convince her that it actually pays off to listen to me when she “knows” (or think she knows...) what she should do. There are, of course, many advantages with an independent...

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Recall – Vital for All Dogs

You asked - we answered. Almost a year ago we started our free online course, "Five Simple Steps to Master the Perfect Retrieve". Since then more than 400 persons have attended the course. In the course evaluation we asked about what people wanted to learn the most...

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The best Christmas gift is a book!

Hard gifts in the Christmas stocking is always appreciated! Why not buy Retrieving for All Occasions for a dog friend this Christmas? (If you want a softer Christmas gift for yourself or someone else we recommend our online courses! Read more about them...

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The Great Delivery Challenge

We always crack jokes regarding the saying ”You don’t need to teach a retriever to retrieve, it’s innate”. Congratulations to all that don’t need to teach their Retriever to retrieve! Sure, most Spaniels and Retrievers have parts of the retrieve hard wired, but far...

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First time in Open Class

Today I'll tell you about the day that Tassla and I made our debut in Open class. We drove to Norrtälje and back, a nice little round trip of about 620 miles to flush one bird. This hobby of ours is cumbersome, time consuming and expensive... But working on hunting is...

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Seek out Your Left Side

Follow the leader – or follow the handler Heelwork is something that recurs in all field trials and working tests (and also in obedience trials, rally obedience, and of course in everyday life. The heelwork required in the obedience training differs from the heelwork...

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