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In the blog we write about  the book, clicker training and our thoughts about gun dog retrieving and field trial training.

Dare to not reward!

There are so many traps you can fall into when it comes to dog training. When it comes to clicker training, we sometimes jokingly refer to these traps as the "clicker disease ". One of those " clicker diseases " is this to reward a little too often. We want the dog to...

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Swedish Spaniel Championship 2017

Going through the archive I found a text I wrote about the Swedish Spaniel Championship 2017 and thought I would share it with you beause it was so much fun! I've been to my first National! And I promise: More will follow. It was so much fun and so festive and...

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20 hunts later

Last fall I decided to try to work a little less and hunt a little more. It made me poor but happy, haha. In just over three months I managed to squeeze in over 20 hunts ... So, in January, Tassla was in brilliant form, well-muscled and in good condition, and I was...

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Interview on new podcast: Hold the Line

We've just been interviewed by Jo Laurens on the newly released podcast Hold the Line - the podcast on force free gundog training! Check it out - and of course we encourage you to subscribe for the podcast so you get to listen to all the other great episodes! You can...

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Heelwork webinar now available!

Would you like to improve your heelwork? Do you want to teach your dog to love walking by your side and walk to heel even with distractions? A lot of people participated in our heelwork challenge in February. We got lots of questions on how we train the dog to walk to...

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Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
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