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On the blog we write about  the book, clicker training and our thoughts about gun dog retrieving and field trial training.

A weekend full of work with puppies and young dogs 🤩 - it’s a privilege to meet puppies and their owners when they are starting their journey together. 🙏💓🤩 ...

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I think it’s windy today 😉😍😅 ...

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What would your dog choose? The dummy or the tasty hamburger?

Teach your dog to retrieve with distractions! Try one of our online courses - recall, delivery to hand, casting, marked retrieves, stop whistle and much more - using force free reward based methods. You'll find all courses and the book at a 50 % discount on our website, https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/online-course-picker/

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Yarrow has just tried a few blind retrieves - here towards a pile of dummies I left there after finishing my course, usually i just put one dummy for him. It turned out to be a bit challenging 🤣 the lines where nice and straight 💪, but I either have to be quiet or teach him to keep going when I say “bra” (“good boy” in Swedish) 🤣🤣 ...

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Study circle gun dog training

Study circle gun dog training

We found out that Jessica hade participated in a training group based on the Retrieving for All Occasions Study guide and of course wanted to know more about that - so in this blog post she'll share her thoughts. About finding a group of people to train your dog with,...

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Free live Q&A webinar

Free live Q&A webinar

We got so many interesting topic suggestions for our webinar that we decided to do a free live Q&A session instead, come join us! We'll talk about casting, stopping at a distance/stop whistle, recall and much more! We're going live on January 28th at 20:00 / 8 PM...

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