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Introduction to Retrieving for All Occasions


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Over whelmed by information on dog training? Interested in gun dog training using the clicker principles but don’t know where to start? Sign up for our free e-mail introduction to get started!

It’s been seven years since we wrote the book Retrieving for All Occasions and we’ve been blogging for more than 10 years – during that time we’ve also recorded a lot of videos and shared them on our website. There is a lot of information available and we’d love to share it with you in a good reading order 🙂

During this free e-mail introduction you’ll get a new email every second day for 30 days with:

  • Training ideas
  • Training checklist
  • Glossary of common gun dog and clicker training terminology
  • Videos showing different exercises

Best of all – it’s free! So sign up now 🙂


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