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Here are some of our videos. You’ll find all our videos on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/c/Retrievingforalloccasions

Free webinar: Engagement and handling disengagement

Watch the recording of our free live webinar form December 9th where Elsa gave a lecture and answered questions on engagement and handling disengagement in your training! Register on our website to get the show notes from the webinar: https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/product/free-webinar-on-engagement-and-handling-disengagement-december-9th-8-pm-cet/

Blooper remote-controlled dummy launcher

Start button - holding the nose

Introduction Retrieving for All Occasions

Video testimonial from online course participant

Learn about Gails Retrieval to Hand Journey through our online courses!

What is clicker training?

Trailer webinar heelwork

Heelwork is something that a lot of people struggle with. It requires a lot of training and focus to become good. During this webinar Elsa and Lena will talk about how they train heelwork: where they start, how they move on, what they think is important to keep in mind and of course they answer common questions! Sign up for the webinar here: https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/product/webinar-heelwork/ Contents of the full webinar: 00:00 – Introduction 01:29 – Learning Goals 02:36 – What should the heeling look like? 09:23 – Try it 11:48 – This is how we teach heeling 13:48 – Seeking out my left side 18:44 – Reward placement 24:48 – Pivot 28:51 – Follow the left leg 32:38 – Distractions – walking towards food bowl 37:06 – Distractions – walking behind the gun 41:28 – Duration 42:34 – “Dull” heelwork 52:29 – Our best advice 56:32 – More inspiration!

Allwin delivery to hand with reverse luring

Proofing the "sit" cue

We are very verbal creatures, unlike dogs who find body language much easier to understand. This means that we as handlers sometimes overestimate what our dogs actually know, that is, what behaviors the dog can perform when we ask it to do so. We usually think that the dog knows more than it really does and believe that for example it is always the word “sit” that makes the dog to sit. Read more about it in this blog post: https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/can-your-dog-really-do-what-you-ask-it-to-do/

Webinar: Stopping at a distance

Do you want to give your dog more freedom off leash? Or do you want to do gun dog work? Then a fool-proof panic stop is vital for your dog to know. During this live webinar Elsa and Lena, authors of the book "Retrieving for All Occasions", will show you the training steps to get a dog that stops by default when a rabbit runs by and when you ask it to stop - everything in a positive way using the clicker philosophy. You will also have the opportunity to ask your own questions. Read more and sign up at: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/stopping-at-a-distance

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