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Online course: Heelwork for Gun Dogs – personal feedback


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Your dog needs to be able to walk to heel during hunting, field trials and hunt tests, the skill becoming more essential and demanding higher up in the classes/grades. The dog needs to be able to heel both on and off leash. For retrievers, this can mean walking to heel for several hours while waiting for their turn in a trial. For spaniels, you may need to walk with your dog in areas with lots of game, for example between runs in a field trial or at a hunt. It is also very practical and convenient if your dog can walk to heel in everyday life.

In this course you will learn how to start training heelwork and how to develop it with distractions and build its duration.

We will work with three different parts of heelwork: detail, duration, and distractions. First one by one, and then combining them.

The course is based on the same training mindset as the book Retrieving for All Occasions. It is not necessary that you have the book to take this course; although we strongly recommend it as it contains lots of helpful background information as well as an entire chapter on casting and blind retrieves.

Prior knowledge

No prior knowledge is needed, but it’s great if you’re familiar with our training methods, which are positive and reward based. Learn more by reading our blog or our book Retrieving for All Occasions.


The course starts as soon as you’ve registered.

You have the option to submit videos and questions and get feedback from us for six omnths. Keep the length of the videos to a maximum of three minutes. We can provide feedback on an unlimited number of videos, just let us know what you want feedback on. You can upload just a couple of videos per training session, or multiple videos of the dog performing a single drill; whatever you feel you need assistance with. Needless to say, if you don’t want to send videos you don’t have to, it is not a requirement for this course. When you’ve registered and paid you’ll get an automatic confirmation e-mail with a link to the course. Remember to check your spam folder and “other” folder if you can’t find it in your inbox.

If you’d rather register for the course without personal feedback, you can find it here.

Instructor: Elsa Blomster

This is what you get

  • 7 lessons
    • The basic principle
    • General training advice
    • First steps
    • Distractions
    • Working next to water
    • Duration
    • Combining the parts
  • 18 exercises
  • 21 videos
  • 12 quizzes
  • Personal feedback on an unlimited number of videos and questions for six months after signing up
  • Life time access to the course

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