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Online course: Recall – with personal feedback



Do you want to give your dog more freedom? Do you want a dog that follows you when your out on your walks instead of the other way around? Do you want to know that your dog will come when you call it? Then we have the perfect online course for you!

A good recall is critical in order to have the dog off leash. During the course you’ll get training tips both on how you can teach your dog to follow you when it’s off leash and how you get it to come when called even though there’s distractions around.

Do you recognize this?

But would rather have this?

Then this is the course for you!

The course consists of six lessons and during six weeks you’ll get one new lesson with inspiration and exercises to practice every week. The course starts as soon as you register and then you have four months to complete it at your own pace. During the course you can submit an unlimited number of videos of your training and ask questions to the instructors in the forum.

If you instead want to attend the course without personal feedback – you’ll find it here

Course leaders: Elsa Blomster & Lena Gunnarsson

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