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Online course: Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training – personal feedback



Do you want help to keep your training motivation high? Do you want personal feedback on your training? Then we recommend this online course!

The course consists of eight exciting training sessions intended to help you with the foundation training of your gun dog. We are here to provide you with more structure in your training and to help you both to get started and to continue on in your training. The course has themes such as training methodology, taking and holding, delivery to hand, walking at heel, steadiness and the stop signal, holding an area, and how you can put all the different skills together.

As you already know, this course leans on the book Retrieving for All Occasions and you need to have the book so that you can read up on the theory parts that we’ll point you to with every lesson. The course stems from the book’s accompanying Study guide that we recently put together. If you want to ”keep” the online course when it’s over or if you want to have a printed source to go with the online course (and somewhere to make notes after every training session) you can buy the Study guide here.

You can go through the course at your own pace from when you buy it. You then have six months to finish the course, but whether you want to take one lesson a week, or every other week, or with irregular intervals, that’s up to you.

You can film your training and get feedback from us. Make sure to keep the videos at a maximum of three minutes. We’ll give feedback at an unlimited number of videos per training team, so that too is your choice. If you want to upload one video per training session or if you want to make 27 videos on just delivery to hand is your choice. And if you don’t want to film your training at all, that’s fine too!

We’ll give feedback on your training videos and questions several times a week. Naturally you can discuss with the other participants of the course at your leisure in the forum that’s tied to every lesson. We’ll join the discussion there.

If you’re interested in a self study course (no personal feedback) – check out this course instead: Online course: Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training – without personal feedback

You can also take just the parts of the course that you’re interested in, with or without feedback.

Take the chance to get help with your training, sign up today!

Testimonials from previous course paricipants:

“Inspiring, creative, individualized!”

“The instructors are great at commenting the dog they’re actually seeing at the level your at, without loosing sight of the final goal.”

“Great structure and great that all lessons where accesible from the start so I could chose for myself what to focus on. I felt I gained a lot from the course and that my dog and me developed during the course.”

Instructor for the course is Elsa Blomster.


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