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Online course: Intermediate Gun Dog Training – Train the Right Things – with feedback


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Do you lack training inspiration, or do you know that you easily slip into training the things that you and your dog have already mastered? Have you and your dog gotten started with the hunting training, but would like to progress further?  

Then this is the course for you! You will get eight training setups that you can try with your dog and then evaluate. Based on what you come up with in your evaluation, you will then receive help on how to improve what was challenging and how to work with the things your dog did not manage. You will also get tips on how you could move on if your dog sailed through the setup. Each setup is inspired by beginner class working tests for retrievers here in Sweden. Naturally, you need to check the rules and regulations for your country before entering an actual test. The spaniels also need to be able to do all these parts and here in Sweden, these parts are included in their working tests and beginner’s test type B. In addition to that, the spaniel tests also contain hunting and flushing (throwing a dummy while the dog is hunting). However, the course does not address working with game, flushing or hunting for spaniels, nor sweeping up for retrievers.

Before trying the setup, you make a plan of what might be difficult for your dog. Should you change the setup from the start – and if so, how should you adapt it to your do? (the setups can be simplified a lot) Or should you just try it and see what happens? After you’ve tried the setup, you do what we call a chain analysis. What was difficult for your dog in the setup? Pinpoint those parts and train them separately before repeating the setup.  You’ll get coaching and advice along the way of course, but our aim is also that you should learn to read your dog and see what you need to do.

The themes of the eight setups will be casting, stop whistle with distractions, marked retrieves and heelwork with and without distractions.  We’ll also cover managing expectations and “listen to what I say”. In the course you’ll see each setup and exercise on video.

Working through the training setups and exercises suggested in the study guide, you will:

  • Improve your ability to analyze what you actually need to work on.
  • Work on what you and your dog actually need.
  • Improve your ability to adapt your training for your dog.
  • Get new training inspiration!


In order to get the most out of the course, we recommend that you have completed our foundation course on gun dog training – using the foundation study guide, IRL or online – and have started the training of delivery to hand, heelwork, steadiness, the stop whistle, holding an area and casting. None of it needs to be perfect – we will continue to work on all of it. The course is based on the study guide Retrieving for All Occasions – Part II – Intermediate. You need the book Retrieving for All Occasions and you need it to be able to fully participate in the course since the study guide is based on the book and we’ll advise you to read specific pages in the book. If you want the course in a printed format alongside the digital online course, we recommend you buy the study guide as well.

It’s great if you’re familiar with our training method, which is positive, and reward based. You can read more about it in our blog www.retrievingforalloccasions.com or by reading our book Retrieving for All Occasions.

The course consists of 9 lessons with several exercises in each lesson. You chose yourself if you want to do all the exercises or just a few of them,

We can provide feedback on an unlimited number of videos, just let us know what you want feedback on. You can upload just a couple of videos per training session, or multiple videos of the dog performing a single drill; whatever you feel you need assistance with. Needless to say, if you don’t want to send videos you don’t have to, it is not a requirement for this course. At any time, you can also chat with other participants via the discussion forum linked to each lesson. When you’ve registered and paid for the course, you’ll get an email with information on how to access the course. Remember to check your spam folder and “other” folder so it hasn’t ended up there.

If you’d rather attend the course as a self-study course without feedback, you can do so here.

You’ll get:

  • 9 lessons
  • 8 setups and one additional setup
  • 25 exercises
  • 46 videos
  • Feedback on an unlimited number of videos and/or questions for six months
  • Lifetime access to the course material

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