Blind Retrieves & Casting

Blind retrieves are about being able to handle and direct the dog at a distance, both on land and in water. The dog doesn’t know where the game or dummy is, so it is up to you to send the dog to the correct place. The dog needs to know hand signals and commands for going back (straight out from your left side), go left, go right and continue further back (from having it’s nose toward you turn 180 degrees around and run the other way).

The dog also needs to know the stop whistle (stop when you want it to) and hunt whistle (start to hunt in a small area where it’s standing). A complete blind retrieve, or cast, would then for example be go back, stop, go right, stop, hunt whistle, find dummy, pick it up and deliver it to the handler.

In this category you’ll find all our blog posts on blind retrieves, casting and handling.

Good luck with your training!

//Elsa & Lena at Retrieving for All Occasions

Blind retrieves
Lena Gunnarsson

Casting for the Rookie

A basic skill for blind retrieves – look straight ahead As you probably have noticed by now we often base our training on small parts

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