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Retriever work

The retriever works after the gun shot by retrieving the shit game ti the handler. On this page you will find all our blog posts about the gun dog retrieving that is specific for the retriever..

Our Goal: to Hunt Together!

A while ago I ended the course “From Dummies to Warm Game” which I have been attending for the instructor Jens Palmqvist at “Line Up Gundogs” during a whole year. Lena was there during the course as well, almost every time, as a babysitter and sometimes bringing...

Training in a rigged hunting situation

When we were in England a couple of years ago, we did set up a driven shoot with dummies, which means that we rigged a hunting situation. The difference between this training and a walk up – when handlers and dogs on a line flush the game in front of the line – is...

Hunting in bushes and thickets

No matter what kind of bird dog you have, it is smart that your dog likes to hunt in bushes and thickets. The spaniel must be able to force himself through shrubberies both with and without thorns – the game that the dog should flush is often in those places – but...

Advice on how to set up practice trials

Every now and then a group of us put together a practice trial and it is so incredibly successful every time! In obedience, practice trials are really common. You get to try out the competition environment, having a steward telling you what to do and you get to...
June 2021

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Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Puppy training
Puppy training
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