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Hunting and quartering

The spaniel hunts, quarters, in front of its handler while the handler moves forward to flush game for the guns to shoot, while the retriever hunts to retrieve. Thus for the spaniel the work before the shot is the most important, even if it also does easier retrieving work and with benefit can be thaught all parts of the retrieving work. The retriever should independently sweep up and hunt a larger area in front of the handler (while the handler stands still at the starting point) and retrieve what it finds (this type of hunting is a part of field trials in for example Sweden, but not in the US or the UK where only marked and directional retrieves searching a smaller area is included – however during shooting days sweeping up is very important as not to leave any injured game in the area). In this category you’ll find all our blog posts on hunting a larger area and quatering.

An excellent game finder

Tassla is becoming an increasingly more experienced hunting dog, and therefore I am able to take it more and more easy as a dog handler when we’re hunting. It has been exciting to see her development from an inexperienced and a little overwhelmed dog in hunting...

Hunting in bushes and thickets

No matter what kind of bird dog you have, it is smart that your dog likes to hunt in bushes and thickets. The spaniel must be able to force himself through shrubberies both with and without thorns – the game that the dog should flush is often in those places – but...

Training on your Walks – Hunting #ThrowBackThursday

Today's #ThrowBackThursday blog post is about training on your walks. Enjoy! https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/training-walks-hunting/

Mountaineering in progress

Have you ever gone mountain climbing? I have tried it a couple of times, both on indoor walls and up a (small) mountain (well, maybe more of a boulder...) It has been breathtaking. Not least because I am really scared of heights - I get dizzy from walking stairs… But...
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