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We like our dogs to follow us and check in without us having to keep nagging, which is so incredibly boring. Having our dog look at us is moreover the foundation of almost everything it is to do and learn. Contact and focus are thus among the first things we start training. Here you’ll find all our blog posts on focus and contact training

7 things to work on when the weather is bad! – Day 2: Focus

Day 2 of ”7 things to work on when the weather is bad” is all about focus. I find teaching the dog to focus to be very useful. I have a cue that means look ahead and pay attention to what’s happening out in the field. My verbal cue is ”focus” - look ahead because it’s...

Mountaineering in progress

Have you ever gone mountain climbing? I have tried it a couple of times, both on indoor walls and up a (small) mountain (well, maybe more of a boulder...) It has been breathtaking. Not least because I am really scared of heights - I get dizzy from walking stairs… But...

Qulan on another journey

Sometimes I get the question what I think is the most important to train with my puppy. Like, where should one start? I usually answer: "Start by observing your puppy." By studying how your puppy acts in a number of situations you will learn a lot about it. Certainly,...

The fun art of keeping yourself together

Let me just give you a great piece of advice for your training: Reversed luring. I don’t know how people train without it, I really don’t J I use reversed luring in two ways: In order to help the dog learn to control itself (which is a dreadfully important skill when...

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February 2021

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