Spaniel work

The spaniel works mostly prior to the gun shot with quartering and flushing game to be shot. But it can also work after the gun shot with retrieving the game to the handler. On this page you will find all our blog posts about the spaniel specific work, but also about gun dog retrieving.

Hunting in bushes and thickets

No matter what kind of bird dog you have, it is smart that your dog likes to hunt in bushes and thickets. The spaniel must be able to force himself through shrubberies both with and without thorns – the game that the dog should flush is often in those places – but...

Focusing on results when you’re very competitive

Have you ever been to a party where there are games? You get divided into teams, it is a relay, you're doing fun things and it's all laughter and not serious. Or there's a game of croquet or something like that. Have you ever seen that person that kind of gets a bit...

The lessons from the past hunting season form the base for this season

Since I haven't been able to hunt with Tassla this season due to her injury and rehabilitation, I instead went through my training archive and found some notes that I made when I was preparing for the trial and hunting season 2017. Last season, Tassla and I only had...

A day full of spaniels and spaniel training

From time to time we invite external instructors and arrange seminars with them. Here's a story from a seminar we had a few years ago with Catharina Fahlberg. Yesterday was the first out of two seminar days on Basic training for spaniels with Catharina Fahlberg. We...


A while ago, Facebook showed me a memory that made me all nostalgic. It's a photo of Tassla in the Skåne twilight with...

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April 2020

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Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
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