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We believe that the more rewards we have, the better. We want to reiterate the importance of play since it offers so many possibilities. Moreover, we start most of our training sessions with play.
We want to have a dog that both immerses itself in play and plays with us in all environments. That’s why we always start incorporating play, with both puppies and adult dogs. Play is, quite simply, an unbeatable form of reward that most dogs love (or learn to love) and it’s an effective and structured way for the dog to burn off its energy. Moreover, it can set the right pace and energy level for the exercises we are teaching and it strengthens our relationship with the dog.

Here you’ll find all our blog posts about play and how we use it to teach our dogs basic skills.

And when the weather’s still bad …

It was such great fun having you all take part in the indoor training from the seven blog posts about "Things to train when the weather is bad", that we wanted to give you some kind of bonus. 🙂 Elsa and I have decided to give a 25% discount on all our online courses...

7 things to work on when the weather is bad! Day 6: Listen to what I’m saying

Since Quling joined my family, having the dog really, really pay attention to what I’m saying and not guessing on what he thinks I’m going to say, has become one of the most important things in my training. He likes making his own decisions, he ”can do it himself” and...

Come to me to play! #ThrowBackThursday

One of our favorite games is "Come to me to play". Together with the handtarget we use this game to teach the dog to come back to us with objects and that it is fun to play with us! #ThrowBackThursday https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/come-to-me-to-play/

When the hold isn’t good enough #ThrowBackThursday

Most spaniels and retrievers love to carry objects and do it almost endlessly. However, quite a few of them actually doesn't hold the object very well. They tend to be a bit sloppy, or chew at it. That's of course something we don't want so we practice holding with a...
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