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Clicker training can sometimes become a bit theoretical and seem much harder than it is. We always encourage our students to plan, try and then evaluate the training and in the practical work we incorporate the theory. The theoretical foundation is often very important for the understanding of clicker training. Here you’ll find our blog posts on the theory behind the clicker philosophy where we in an accessible way explain how we train our dogs and the mumbo-jumbo words that clicker trainers sometimes use.

Keep an open mind!

Imagine 640 people who loves dogs and dog training at the same place for three days – and nights. Add a bundle of curious engaged and competent speakers who will talk about behavioural analysis and very practical dog training. Then add endless conversations about dogs...


Within both the gun dog society and clicker training there are a lot of special terms that can be difficutl to understand. Therefore we’ve gathered the most common ones here, as well as a few that we find useful to know. Let us know if you’re missing...
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