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Training on your walks

Some days it feels like a huge project to get out and train with your dog. Bags to pack, treats to chop, bring out water bottles, boots and all the other stuff and load it into the car. Phew. Those days training on your walks is great; we always need to exercise the dog – so why not train the dog at the same time? With a toy, done treats and sometimes a dummy you’ll get far. In this section you can read all our blog posts about how we use our walks for foundation gun dog training, heeling, marked retrieves, hunting an area and blind retrieves in our walks.

Training on your Walks – Hunting #ThrowBackThursday

Today's #ThrowBackThursday blog post is about training on your walks. Enjoy! https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/training-walks-hunting/

Training on your walks #FTW

My students often wonder how much and when to train. I usually share my super tip: training on your walks! Occasionally, I'll do short training sessions indoors, train with friends for a few hours, attend a seminar or join a hunt for a full day. Although we work on...

When One Hits the Breaks But Should Be Going All In

When Quling w as five months old, he discovered the meaning of life. Over night, this very energetic and pretty wild puppy that I still walked around our neighbourhood off leash, turned into a complete hunting maniac. Suddenly, having him off leash was completely out...

Training on your walks – hunting

I want to be the sun in my dog’s life I often say that I want to be the sun in my dog’s life. All good things should come from me, and through me the dog gets access to what she wants or what she wants to do. It should always pay off to listen to me. We must, of...
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