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Getting used to game

Both spaniels and retrievers are used to retrieve small game such as rabbits, partridge, pheaseants, grouse etc. (The spaniel is also used to hunt and flush the game so the gun can shoot it). Som dogs spontaneously picks up game the first time they get the chance, while others are more sceptical. Here you’ll find all our blog posts on game handling and getting used to game.

Train your dog to take game

A while ago, I decided to teach Totte, almost nine years old, to retrieve game. Once, a long time ago, maybe when he was about a year old, we actually trained a little with game. One might say that he was curiously skeptical. I got my breakthrough when I used his...

Working with Game #ThrowBackThursday

Today's #ThrowBackThursday blog post is about working with game and getting your dog used to game. Enjoy! https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/working-with-game/

When the hold isn’t good enough #ThrowBackThursday

Most spaniels and retrievers love to carry objects and do it almost endlessly. However, quite a few of them actually doesn't hold the object very well. They tend to be a bit sloppy, or chew at it. That's of course something we don't want so we practice holding with a...

Getting Your Dog Used To Game Early On

I’m convinced that introducing the dog to game already during puppyhood is for the very best if you want a dog that feels that handling game is the most natural thing in the world, and the very best thing too. When I meet friends, acquaintances and students whom are...
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