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Calmness training

When clicker training we want active dogs that voluntarily offers behaviors that we can reward, but we also have to spend time on calmness training so that the dog learns to relax. The calmness training is important in the gun dog training since the dog has to be quite and calm no matter what happens around it. In this category you’ll find all our blog posts about calmess training, coffee training and “on and off” training.

“Fika” training

On this blog we have so far been quite good at describing the training we do technically (or at least we try to be good at it). One can almost get the impression that we train and train and like never breathe, as if we never let our dogs take it easy in the training....

To break the expectations

In today’s blog, I would like to talk a little about the dog’s expectations in connection with gun dog training – and any other training for that matter – I think that it is a subject that we never can talk too much about or remind ourselves often enough about. If the...


Lately both Elsa and I have been working on our dogs’ eagerness. You probably recognize how easily a dog one day (seemingly suddenly) is far too eager to get to a certain task. In the worst case it will become completely blocked and because of this doesn’t...
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