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Calmness training

When clicker training we want active dogs that voluntarily offers behaviors that we can reward, but we also have to spend time on calmness training so that the dog learns to relax. The calmness training is important in the gun dog training since the dog has to be quite and calm no matter what happens around it. In this category you’ll find all our blog posts about calmess training, coffee training and “on and off” training.

What will this dog teach me – part 2

The other day I published the first part of “What will this dog teach me?”, which has the subject noise. If you haven’t, read it first, you will find it here. I wrote that I had identified three situations in which Flippa would make noise: When there is a conflict...

What will this dog teach me – part 1

Getting to know a new dog individual, a new puppy, is one of the most exciting things in life. My dogs are so incredibly different and have all taught me things in different ways. When I wrote this it was just a month until Flippa’s first birthday and I was pretty...

To Break the Expectations #ThrowBackThursday

Todays #ThrowBackThursday blog post is about working with the dogs anticipation and breaking expectations - to do the unexpected instead! https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/to-break-the-expectations/

When there is too much of a party all the time!

Our "fika" training post from last week was very much appreciated - so we decided to write some more about it! The absolute biggest challenge in my training is to find a balance between active training and calm "just hanging out". I have, since Tassla was a puppy,...
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