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Taking and holding

We want quick and accurate retrievals, which is why we must teach our dogs the correct way to pick up an article . After picking up the dummy, we want the dog to return to us immediately. This means that we have to teach the dog to get a firm hold on the retrieved object from the beginning so it doesn’t have to set it down to get a better grip.

A lot of spaniels and retrievers have a loose grip, despite the fact that they love to carry things. So, we need to teach them to have a firm grip on the dummy at all times. Here you’ll find all our blog posts on taking and holding.

Take the first one!

If there are more than one dummy out there in a field Quling gladly picks up one, then changes his mind, and picks up another one. That’s why I have done a lot of exercises to teach him to take one and then deliver that one to me – and not take another one. The...

And when the weather’s still bad …

It was such great fun having you all take part in the indoor training from the seven blog posts about "Things to train when the weather is bad", that we wanted to give you some kind of bonus. 🙂 Elsa and I have decided to give a 25% discount on all our online courses...

When the hold isn’t good enough #ThrowBackThursday

Most spaniels and retrievers love to carry objects and do it almost endlessly. However, quite a few of them actually doesn't hold the object very well. They tend to be a bit sloppy, or chew at it. That's of course something we don't want so we practice holding with a...

The you can’t play tug with a gun dog myth #ThrowBackThursday

Not tugging with your gun dog is one of the hardest myths to kill. In the blog post below you can see how we do it - and how we teach the dog to play tug with toys and carry game with a nice, firm grip without chewing. #ThrowBackThursday...
July 2021

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Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
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Puppy training
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