Taking and holding

We want quick and accurate retrievals, which is why we must teach our dogs the correct way to pick up an article . After picking up the dummy, we want the dog to return to us immediately. This means that we have to teach the dog to get a firm hold on the retrieved object from the beginning so it doesn’t have to set it down to get a better grip.

A lot of spaniels and retrievers have a loose grip, despite the fact that they love to carry things. So, we need to teach them to have a firm grip on the dummy at all times. Here you’ll find all our blog posts on taking and holding.

The party of the year: Summer camp

Every year we have a gun dog summer camp which is just so much fun so we wanted to share a story from our second summer camp a couple of years ago. The previous year’s camp was amazing and this camp was at least as fantastic, according to many of those whom...
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