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When we wrote the book Retrieving for All Occasions one of our main drivers where to spread the knowledge that it is possible to train gun dogs with positive methods. (with positive methods we mean without physical or verbal corrections that the dog finds uncomfortable)

We would like to contiune that – spreading the knowledge that it is possible, we almost see it as our mission – spread the word! That’s why we’ve started a series of interviews where some great instructors and dog trainers can answer questions and give you new inspiration for your gun dog training.

Interview in the podcast How do you train that?

A couple of weeks ago Lena and I were interviewed in the podcast How do you train that, and now the podcast has been published. Enjoy! http://www.howdoyoutrainthat.com/podcast/fetching-and-retrieving/

Interview with Hannah Brannigan on Drinking from the Toilet

We've been quite busy lately - a while ago we talked to Hannah Brannigan on the great podcast Drinking from the Toilet again. This time we chatted away on gundog foundations compared to foundations in other sports. Enjoy! You'll find the new episode here:...

Interview on new podcast: Hold the Line

We've just been interviewed by Jo Laurens on the newly released podcast Hold the Line - the podcast on force free gundog training! Check it out - and of course we encourage you to subscribe for the podcast so you get to listen to all the other great episodes! You can...

Interview with Helen Phillips – #ThrowBackThursday

A couple of years ago we made an interview with Helen Phillips, and it's too good just to be forgotten so you can read it again via the link below! #ThrowBackThursday https://www.retrievingforalloccasions.com/interview-helen-philips/ Helen Phillips will come to us in...
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