One of the great pleasures with our dog training is giving classes and seeing dogs and dog owners develop and master new skills. We’d love to come to you and your training group and give a gun dog class, or invite you to a class at our place. Here you’ll find all our blog posts about previous and upcoming gun dog classes.

A day full of spaniels and spaniel training

From time to time we invite external instructors and arrange seminars with them. Here's a story from a seminar we had a few years ago with Catharina Fahlberg. Yesterday was the first out of two seminar days on Basic training for spaniels with Catharina Fahlberg. We...

And when the weather’s still bad …

It was such great fun having you all take part in the indoor training from the seven blog posts about "Things to train when the weather is bad", that we wanted to give you some kind of bonus. 🙂 Elsa and I have decided to give a 25% discount on all our online courses...

Which online course suits you?

We get a lot of questions about our online courses - how do they work, what will you learn, isn't very difficult to attend an online course and so on - so we'll try to answer a few of those questions. No, in our experience it's not very difficult at all 🙂 All you...

Heelwork webinar now available!

Would you like to improve your heelwork? Do you want to teach your dog to love walking by your side and walk to heel even with distractions? A lot of people participated in our heelwork challenge in February. We got lots of questions on how we train the dog to walk to...
A Great Summer Camp

A Great Summer Camp

Last summer we had a wonderful camp. Åsa Davidsson, Anna Barnö and I had the privilege to spend three days with 18...

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May 2020

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Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
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