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One of the great pleasures with our dog training is giving classes and seeing dogs and dog owners develop and master new skills. We’d love to come to you and your training group and give a gun dog class, or invite you to a class at our place. Here you’ll find all our blog posts about previous and upcoming gun dog classes.

The party of the year: Summer camp

Every year we have a gun dog summer camp which is just so much fun so we wanted to share a story from our second summer camp a couple of years ago. The previous year’s camp was amazing and this camp was at least as fantastic, according to many of those whom...

Recall – Vital for All Dogs

You asked – we answered. Almost a year ago we started our free online course, “Five Simple Steps to Master the Perfect Retrieve“. Since then more than 400 persons have attended the course. In the course evaluation we asked about what people wanted to...

Keep an open mind!

Imagine 640 people who loves dogs and dog training at the same place for three days – and nights. Add a bundle of curious engaged and competent speakers who will talk about behavioural analysis and very practical dog training. Then add endless conversations about dogs...
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