Marked Retrieves

Marked retrieves are one of the gun dog basics. Seeminly easy – just run out there and pick up whatever you just saw fall down – but with a lot of different difficulties. Different type of terrain, obstacles and distances are just a few of the things a great marking dog needs to master. Here you’ll find all our blog posts on marked retrieval training.

Good luck with your training!

//Elsa & Lena at Retrieving for All Occasions

Marked retrieves
Elsa Blomster

What are you training for?

I often hear people saying “well, that’s a mark, you shouldn’t cast your dog”. We had a discussion about it as late as this weekend

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Blind retrieves
Elsa Blomster

Training on your walks #FTW

My students often wonder how much and when to train. I usually share my super tip: training on your walks! Occasionally, I’ll do short training

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