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Puppy Coaching for Gun Dogs


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On August 21th, I will start a coaching group for you who have a gun dog puppy this summer. The puppy should not be older than five months. The group will be on Facebook, so you need a Facebook account to join.

For twelve weeks we follow each other and lay a foundation for a good everyday life and training of the gun dog. I will post a theme every week, with suggestions on tasks to think about or do with the puppy, we share tips, and I give feedback on films of your training that you – if you want – post in the group.

Some of the themes will be on and off-button, rewards, retrieving, recall, self-control, loose leash walking and casting. We will lay the groundwork for the puppies’ future as a gun dogs. After all, there are lots of fun playful basics that you can do with your puppy, to guide it in the right direction.

The course starts August 21th and ends November 13th. You can join the group until August 31th, then it closes. After November 13th, you will have access to the group for another month, but I will not be active in the group after that.

We work with a distinct clicker training philosphy. This means that all training is positive, force free and playful. We divide all the different tasks into small parts, and then put them together when the dog knows each part individually. We work to highlight the behavior you want (for example, with a click) and reward it. It is an advantage, but not a requirement, to have the book “Retrieving for all Occasions” –  you will get suggestions of pages to read in the book.

The course costs 150 USD.

Lena Gunnarsson has had cocker spaniels for ten years, working cockers for seven years. She has trained dogs for 18 years and been an instructor for 12 years. She has done a little of each with her dogs – from detection work and obedience to a little agility, tracking and nose work. Now she mostly hunts and field trials with her cockers. She is passionate about learning and loves to train dogs. In addition, she has worked for over 20 years in mentoring and training groups and is a trained coach. Lena has written the book “Retrieving for all Occasions” together with Elsa Blomster.



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