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Retrieving with Hamburger Distraction

Hold with Reversed Luring

It's impossible for the dog to eat the treats while it has got something in its mouth - therefore the dog spits the dummy out and doesn't want to take it again. Then it's easy to just put the treats away, but we don't! Instead we teach the dog to hold anyway. In this video we'll show you how.

Come to Me to Play - Tod

Reversed Luring with Food and Toy - Totte

Cosy Retrieve - Quling

Retrieving with Distractions

Can your dog retrieve the object to you even if there's a hamburger nearby? If not, this video will show oyu how to teach the dog that in a fun and inspiring way.

Casting Over Fences

When you take part in a gun dog competition the dog sometimes has to jump over a fence. It might also be stonewalls, streams, or any other obstacles, so when you teach the dog to jump you have to introduce the dog to various barriers.

Holding an Area

Trial Training - Greeting the Judge

Proofing the Stop Whistle

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