30 day boosting your recall online course!

We’re doing it again – we’ve just set up a new boosting your recall in 30 days online course. The course was so popular and well liked last time that we decided to give more of you the chance to join in!

Do you want to give your dog more freedom? Do you want a dog that follows you when your out on your walks instead of the other way around? Do you want to know that your dog will come when you call it? Then we have the perfect online course for you!

A good recall is critical in order to have the dog off leash. During the course you’ll get training tips both on how you can teach your dog to follow you when it’s off leash and how you get it to come when called even though there’s distractions around.

We’re going live on September 5th, so hurry up and register for a great chance to improve your dogs recall!

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