Advent calendar day 8: Win the online course Advanced casting for Gun Dogs

In our advent calendar you’ll be able to win private online sessions with Elsa Blomster or Lena Gunnarsson, our book Retrieving for All Occasions” (printed and e-book), our study guides or one of our many online courses (without feedback)! There will be a new gift every day, but some might show up twice so don’t give up if you don’t win the first time.

Today’s gift is the online course “Advanced casting for Gun Dogs – without feedback” for you or a friend.

Being able to cast your dog for a blind retrieve is crucial for hunt tests and field trials (especially higher up in the classes) and when out hunting game. In this course you will learn how to further develop your dog’s casting ability with more difficult distractions. We will also give you a few tips on how to practice casting in water.

Read more about the course below:

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Winner day 6 – webinar reliable behaviors

Congratulations to the winner from day 6, webinar reliable behaviors, Henriette Hertz-Pedersen who wrote “Ginnie thinks herself very reliable. She can be totally reliabled on to sniff out all the game trails, follow every lead and find every track. I think I might need a bit more input on the reliable behaviours so we can make ALL behaviours as reliable as her “game detecting” 😄” and sent a picture of Ginnie. Send us an e-mail at and we’ll give you access to the webinar.

10 thoughts on “Advent calendar day 8: Win the online course Advanced casting for Gun Dogs”

  1. Bernadette Van der Drift

    I would love to win this one, improve our casting, going in straight lines instead of bolting of like a drunken toller…

  2. My casting is currently nonexistent and I have feelings this may be one of the harder things for me to teach! A class would be a great way to get my head in the game.

  3. Lavena Chapman

    We learn and make mistakes with our first dogs… This is my first dog to train for field work. I want to do it right. I do not want to make mistakes with her. I’m working on casting with her but doing a bit of stumbling along the way. I do not have (non-aversive) trainers that I can learn from or train with so I would like to win this one! Love your book and have learned so very much from it already! Ready for more!

  4. Casting is a difficult disciplin. I think my dog is quite good at it, but when Training with others I see other dogs doing a much more structured search for the game. I would love to win this course to learn some tips and tricks on how to build up the Training. Especially I hope to learn how to teach my dog to always start casting in the direction I point out to her.

  5. Casting is something I start to learn from day one that I get the dog. I have a golden retriever and I do several sports with her. English obedience, hunt and agility. In all these sports casting is important for a great succes. So I would love to win the online course. Otherwise I think it will be my next online course after the stop whistle course 😉

  6. Sounds like a fab course, and one that would be super helpful for us. Getting distance on our blind retrieves is proving challenging. This could be jut the thing to help us out 🙂

  7. This course would be perfect for me. I am trying to advance my cocker and hopefully do tests with her (she’s 2) in the near future. This advanced course would really help me on my way

  8. The course title caught my attention as that’s what I was looking for. I want to learn more about the trainings for casting my cocker straight for blind retrieve.

  9. Retrieving for All Occasions

    Winner day 8 – online course advanced casting
    The winner of the gift from day 8, online course advanced casting, is Sarah Middleton who wrote “I’d love to win this to learn how to give my two year old some more confidence when casting”. Congratulations, Sarah! Send us an e-mail at and we’ll give you access to the course.

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