Advent calendar day 9: Win a private training session with Lena Gunnarsson – online or IRL

In our advent calendar you’ll be able to win private online sessions with Elsa Blomster or Lena Gunnarsson, our book Retrieving for All Occasions” (printed and e-book), our study guides or one of our many online courses (without feedback)! There will be a new gift every day, but some might show up twice so don’t give up if you don’t win the first time.

Today’s gift is a private training session with Lena Gunnarsson – online or IRL – for you or a friend.

Do you have a problem in your training that you want help solving? Or do you just want to move on with your training? Get new inspiration?

Read more about private training sessions with Lena below (Lena will help you no matter what breed you’ve got)

Make a wish!

The only thing you need to do if you want to win today’s gift is to comment either in this blog post or on the post on our Facebook page and tell us why you want to win this gift! The winner will be announced two days later.

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Winner day 7 – Retrieving for All Occasions Study Guide

We’re really enjoying reading through all your fantastic wishes and we’re so happy that your helping us light up this dark season! The gift from day 7, Retrieving for All OCcasions Study Guide, will be given to Jennifer Pivovar who’s dogs sent us this urgent wish “We have the book but mom is so disorganized she really, really needs a study guide!!!” We couldn’t resist helping them out! Jennifer, send us an e-mail at and we’ll send you the study guide!

8 thoughts on “Advent calendar day 9: Win a private training session with Lena Gunnarsson – online or IRL”

    1. Would love help in building a retrieve with my lab, he can do it at home but as soon as you go out and about he is 50/50 whether to pick it up. He had a retrieve until we tried to put steadiness in and now he isn’t bothered.

  1. I wish for some direction as I have a smart field Golden who needs his mum to step up to the challenge.😄

  2. Oh, wow, I would really love that! I have a very eager toller girl and she goes crazy with the idea of competition from other dogs. She builds sooo much tension, what maken me quite sad.. It would mean the world to me to work with you on this issue! 🧡

  3. Hello, I’m Stanley. I’m a shiny, black, handsome Labrador. I wish my human could get some help on how to train me – I’m really clever, keen and super speedy but she can’t keep up with me. Please help her so I can get even better!!! 😃🤞🏻

  4. I would love your expertise on whining issues. We have tried mat training, taking away, short sessions, low distractions but somehow i can’t seem to get a consistent quiet focus. Hazel and I would love your help since we enjoy working so much but would love it even more in silence 😀

  5. I would love to win this! Working with my field golden, and she’s got a lot disengagement. Sniffing, running away, chasing deer..

  6. Retrieving for All Occasions

    Winner day 9 – online private session with Lena Gunnarsson
    The winner from day 9, online private session with Lena Gunnarsson, is Melinda Grosch who wrote “Oooooh! A very cool gift today. I would gift to my friend who has Cockers to get her started on the correct path.” Send us an e-mail at and we’ll schedule your private session!

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