Advent calendar day finale: A gift to all of you!

Yesterday we opened the final Christmas gift in our advent calendar. We want to send a huge thank you to every one who as participated in our advent calendar! Below you’ll find a list of all the winners. Even if you didn’t win we want to give you something extra – with the coupon code rfao_advent_calendar2020 you’ll get 20 % off on our online courses without feedback until January 31st. And our book, Retrieving for All Occasions, is on sale at a 50 % discount until January 31st, so if you don’t have a copy or want to give one to a friend – this is your best chance!

20 % off on our online courses without feedback until January 31st – with the coupon code rfao_advent_calendar2020

50 % discount on the book Retrieving for All Occasions until January 31st

Winner day 23 – online puppy course “Hello, who is this then? – without personal feedback

The winner from day 23 is Emma John who wrote “I would love to win this course to gift to someone who has just bought home a gorgeous cocker puppy, after losing both of her older dogs in this already pretty horrendous year 🐾”. Send us an e-mail at and we’ll give you access to the course!

WInner day 24 – Any online course (without feedback), book or private training session

The winner from day 24 is Katrine Busch who wrote “Wow what an amazing price. Spero and I would absolutely love to win🤞🤞🤞 merry Christmas and a happy new year to both of you and your family’s and thanks for making December much more fun☃️❄🌲🌲🎅“. Send us an e-mail at and we’ll give you access to the course of your choice!

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All winners

If you haven’t contacted us about your gift yet, send us an e-mail at and we’ll make sure you receive it!

2020-12-01Online course “Stop Whistle”Luke Louden
2020-12-02Book Retrieving for All OccasionsJola
2020-12-03Online course “Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training”Mandy Dunn
2020-12-04Online course “Hello, who’s this then?Anu Laasonen
2020-12-05Webinar “Stopping at a Distance”May
2020-12-06Webinar “Reliable behaviors”Henriette Hertz-Pedersen
2020-12-07Retrieving for All Occasions Study GuideJennifer Pivovar
2020-12-08Online course “Advanced Casting for Gun Dogs”Sarah Middleton
2020-12-09Private online training session LenaMelina Grosch
2020-12-10Retrieving for All Occasions Study guide part II IntermediateJay Holweger
2020-12-11Online course “Heelwork for gun dogs”Dirk Meurer
2020-12-12Online course “Stop whistle”Meg Hein
2020-12-13Webinar “Heelwork”Donna Clark
2020-12-14Online course “Holding an Area”Susan Nepomuceno
2020-12-15Ebook “Retrieving for All Occasions”Carey Haas
2020-12-16Online course “Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training”Grace Vagary
2020-12-17Online course “Five Simple Steps to Master the Perfect Retrieve”Jessica Bell
2020-12-18Ebook “Retrieving for All Occasions – Study Guide”Lesley Howard
2020-12-19Book “Retrieving for All Occasions”Samantha Haeussner
2020-12-20Webinar “Stopping at a Distance”John Jones
2020-12-21Ebook “Retrieving for All Occasions – Study Guide Part II Intermediate2Petra
2020-12-22Private online training session Elsalianne van der linde
2020-12-23Online course “Hello, who’s this then?”Emma John
2020-12-24Any book, online course or private sessionKatrine Busch

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