Book on its way!


jakttraning_91We’ve never been closer to actually getting the English book in our hands!

We’re currently doing the final proof reading and the e-book will be available in February. In March or April we believe that the printed book will be available as well, how great isn’t that?

At the moment Elsa is getting ready to go to Clicker Expo in Portland, so if you have questions try to find her and she’ll try to answer them!

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13 thoughts on “Book on its way!”

  1. As one of your crowdfunders I am really looking forward to reading the ebook! As a translator myself, I will be doing a “double” reading (can’t help it 🙂 )

  2. Retrieving for All Occasions

    Quick questions to e-book readers: what device do you read on? Do you read mostly fiction or non-fiction? Are there usually photos/sketches etc in the ebooks you read? Do you prefer fixed layout (with photos, colours etc) or free flowing formats where you can decide on text colour, text size etc?

    We’re wondering if we should make the e-book available in the epub format for f ex Kindle, at the moment it’s just available as a fixed format for computers and iPads.

  3. Rebecca Köhnke

    i don’t have a kindle or other reader so computer format here:) sketches where useful can be great

  4. Kirsty MacQueen

    I use iBooks or kindle app on iPhone & iPad. I like pictures/sketches/links to video.

    I like the option to view as it with nice headers and sub-categories when reading on paper but have only ever seen plain text format on apple devices?

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