Dummy throwing challenge part 1: Getting started

Throwing dummies, and especially getting them to end up where you want them, isn’t always that easy. We’ve often heard people say “I can’t throw, why don’t you throw instead?” but that way you’ll never improve your dummy throwing skills. Our idea is of course, the same as with dog training, that dummy throwing skills is something that you can improve and therefore we’re going to have a dummy throwing challenge the next few weeks!

We will post a few videos of things that we try to practice and we’ll of course participate in the challenge as well – we need to improve our dummy throwing skills as well! 🙂

The first step is just to get started, so we’re aiming at throgin 10 dummies per day. Will you join us?

When you throw your first 10 dummies, start with analyzing what you want to improve – throwing high, far, the same way every time, throwing a specific type of dummy?

Do you have any tips on how to get better at throwing dummies? Please share them with us! What do you usually focus on when you’re throwing?

4 thoughts on “Dummy throwing challenge part 1: Getting started”

  1. I use a 5 gallon bucket as a target to try and land the dummies in at different distance. I will set several out in a field at different distances and move around the course similar to golf. I set “par” equivalent to how far the next bucket is. Different types of dummies are used to represent different players in a group who are golfing.

    1. Yes, I find the 500 g ones quite difficult as well. My favorites are 360 grams, I find them much easier to throw. I know the feeling – I’ve thrown quite a few dummies and then had to protect my head so they wouldn’t land on my head 😉

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