Finally some good news: Welcome Vide! <3

After a gloomy autumn dogwise, we needed some good news and hope for the future! And that’s exactly what happened when little Vide entered Lena and Lars’ lives just over a month ago. <3 Vide is a working cocker who is now 6 months old. He didn’t get along with his previous pack and needed to move. We are so happy that Vide’s former owner trusted us to invite him into our pack and family. Thank you! <3

Vide is related to Quling, his great-grandmother is Quling’s mother. From day one, we noticed different traits that are VERY similar to Quling’s. Vide just doesn’t have his fears and isn’t quite as crazy about hunting 😉 but that may come. However, he has a lot of nice and cozy qualities, is very attentive despite his “go-getter” attitude, and of course, we have started with basic training to find out more about who he is. He feels fearless, communicative, has a lot of hunting instinct, has a nice grip, and plays happily with us. So far, he is easily rewarded and likes both playing, treats, and cuddles. (Quling is the only one of my dogs who has seriously taken cuddles as a reward).

Lars, Vide and Lena

It has been an exciting month as we’ve gotten to know Vide and as Flippa, Bix, and Stomp have gotten used to him. Vide is quite a wild puppy and has a lot of self-confidence 😀 and at first showed no respect for our girls… So it’s good to have Bix in the pack (who we sometimes call Bitch, haha) because she told him off once and then she only needs to look at him sternly and he behaves like an angel. But she also plays with him and decides when the play is over. Flippa also said YUCK at first and kept him at a distance but we knew she would warm up – she is a very playful dog and she is now the one who plays with Vide the most. But she also educates him, for example by placing the ball in front of her and if he tries to take it she tells him – in a gentle way – that he can’t have it. And Vide listens. Stomp has had a harder time because you won’t find a kinder dog than Stomp. <3 We’ve had to detach Vide from Stomp’s neck a few times and taught her that she can come to us if he gets pestering and we’ll help her. But now even she has invited him to play sometimes and in play she probably tells him a thing or two that is good for him to hear. 😀 After all, she is more than twice his size and should be able to use that against him if necessary, one would think, haha.

We’re really happy with how the girls have received him and we already love him. <3 He has a big personality that’s hard to resist.

Now comes the incredibly fun time with a puppy again, the training that I love the most – the basic training. That’s when you kind of grow together, work on the good things that are there, and try to steer away from the things you want less of. Lars and I have him together and train him together. It has turned out to be a winning concept where we turn to each other’s strengths when we need to, and have slightly different focuses when it comes to the basics. It’s a privilege! 🙂

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