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Last summer we had a wonderful camp. Åsa Davidsson, Anna Barnö and I had the privilege to spend three days with 18 lovely dogs and their great handlers. We trained how to play with the dog, delivery to hand, steadiness, heelwork, stop whistle, casting and so on. The handlers with spaniels got a great bonus when Lena Gunnarsson came by one afternoon and trained searching for spaniels with them. Most of all, we had an extremely nice time and enjoyed the dog’s and the handler’s progress. Additionally, we ate good food every day.

Judging by the participant’s remarks both at the camp and afterwards on Facebook we dare to say that the participants were just as pleased as we were, and we have already started to plan for next year’s camp.



At the camp were Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Flat Coated Retrievers, Tollers, one Clumber Spaniel, one Springer Spaniel, and one German Spaniel.



We practiced being calm (and cuddling of course)



Reversed luring



Focus & steadiness



Play and delivery to hand



The on and off button






Delivery to hand in water and walk straight in the water/swim straight across the water



And when it went really well, it was time for great rewards!



The participants worked hard; they listened carefully and took a lot of notes



Alice – the youngest participant – was only twelve weeks old but already a great star



Åsa, Anna and I did our best to describe our thoughts about training



The whole gang!

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We ate good food and had a lot of interesting discussions

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Retrieving for All Occasions - Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training
Retrieving for All Occasions - Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training

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