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Retrieving for all occasions is the first Swedish book on gun dog training with clicker. we’ve put in a lot of effort writing the book and it has been great fun – especially since we’ve gotten so much positive feedback from all of our readers! We’ve now begun the work of translating the book to English (or rather, a professional translator has, we’re just reading it and providing our comments) – in this way we will be able to spread the book to an even larger public.

In Sweden the book has already sold 1200 copies (Sweden is a very small market, we estimate that about 70 000 persons are in our target audience – compared to the US where 3-4 million people are in our target audience…) and that has basically covered our costs for publishing the book, but not the time we’ve spent on writing, creating, marketing and distributing it. We have our stock in Lena’s guest room and personally send each book to every customer. That solution would of course not work when we are to distribute the book in English – it would make the book far to expensive.

Translating the book to English would first and foremost spread it to a wider audience but also give us the chance to get at least some payment for the time we’ve spent on writing it. However, the risk and cost to translate and distribute the book in English is quite big. Therefore we’ve now begun a project to raise money that can at least partly fund the translation. This way we hope that we will get your help to translate the book and show more people that it is possible to train a gun dog with positive, reward based methods.

If you want to contribute please click the link below and donate any amount. There’s a few different alternatives to chose between on RocketHub’s webpage, nut of course you will get a copy of the book in English – either as an e-book or as a printed book. Why not donate some extra and we will personally delivery it to you – together with two hours of private training! If you happen to have any contacts in the publishing world in the US or the UK we appreciate any ideas you might have.

We hope that the book will be available in English before the year is over. Until then you can read more about the process on this web page, but here you’ll also find videos and training tips so please check back from time to time. If you want to you can also read an extract from the book here.

If you wish to pay with PayPal instead you can do so by clicking the button below.

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