Holding an Area

Holding an area is when the dog, at your hunt whistle, “activates” its nose and starts to hunt a small area just around its feet until it finds the dummy or game. Holding an area is a part of the casting/blindretrieve, that is when we’ve directed the dog to the correct area we ask it to hunt there until it finds something. On this page you’ll find all our blog posts on holding an area, the hunt whistle and the training of it.

Stopping and holding an area

I found some notes I made from a training session with Quling a while ago and thought I’d share them with you. I have gone from the first basic exercises for holding an area to the next step. Quling and I haven't worked on holding an area much but got back into...

Training on your walks #FTW

My students often wonder how much and when to train. I usually share my super tip: training on your walks! Occasionally, I'll do short training sessions indoors, train with friends for a few hours, attend a seminar or join a hunt for a full day. Although we work on...

The party of the year: Summer camp

Every year we have a gun dog summer camp which is just so much fun so we wanted to share a story from our second summer camp a couple of years ago. The previous year’s camp was amazing and this camp was at least as fantastic, according to many of those whom...

Gun dog work on film and in photos

We’ve now made some nice changes to the page called Gun Dog Retrieving. You can read a short description of all the different parts of a field trial as well as see films and photos of these parts. We’ve added more films where you can both SEE what hunting, blind...
October 2020

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