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After the hard decision to find a new home for Seeker I still knew that I wanted a dog to train. I also knew that I didn’t want a puppy. That doesn’t fit with our family situation at the moment and I felt that puppy training wasn’t what I wanted since I’ve just done that. Therefore I started to look for a nice, young working dog that was used to children. Fortunately it didn’t take long before I found something – and what a gem I found!

I’m still not accustomed to it – but now I’ve joind the dark side and there’s an amazing working labrador by my side! Please say welcome to Keen – SeaCroft Nice N’ Keen!

A sportive guy of 2.5 years with a first prize in beginners class cold game trials and some experience in hunting, but above all a loved family member in a home with (grand)children. Definitely not a “problem dog”, he just needed a new home because his owner felt that she didn’t have the time to train him as much as she, and he, wanted.

At home he loves to cuddle and lie next to Viola when she’s on the floor.

During the weeks he’s been living with us we’ve been doing quite a lot – getting to know the family, the cats, our closest dog friends, taking walks both at home and in the city/with lots of people, been to a nosework camp (he got the hang of the eucalyptus scent really fast and uses his nose in a impressive way) and doing some gun dog work in sugar beets. We’re still getting to know each other, but everything has been very smooth so far.

A small and limber Labrador dog of 23 kg – not really as small as he looks next to Diesel in the picture though. ?

There’s a lot of upsides to getting an older dog/youngster instead of a puppy, but of course there’s also challenges in understanding why the dog is doing something in a certain way. One such thing is for example that I always have my dogs jump in to the car from my left side, but as soon as I opened the car Keen popped behind me to my right side – because he’s used to getting into his crate from the right side of the person opening the car. ?

In the future I will of course write about our training and I look forward to many exciting adventures together with Keen!

Retrieving for All Occasions - Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training
Retrieving for All Occasions - Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training

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