Keep an open mind!

Imagine 640 people who loves dogs and dog training at the same place for three days – and nights. Add a bundle
of curious engaged and competent speakers who will talk about behavioural analysis and very practical dog training. Then add endless conversations about dogs and dog training in all breaks – in fact in all awake moments – together with people who are as interested as you are in those topics.

Does it sound like fun? Well, it is! 🙂

We are at ClickerExpo in Stamford, 65 kilometres outside of New York, for the weekend. We are here to celebrate our publishing company’s success the last year (we are publishing books about reward based dog training) and to get inspired and motivated for our own training – and for teaching.

As usual its overwhelmingly. After one day we already discussed, reflected and had new ideas about different topics such as how to play the best and smartest way with our dogs, how brilliant it could be to teach dogs different behaviours through shaping, that we probably use maaaanny poisoned cues, the better our foundations are the less we have to think about anything else and so on.

At the opening speech the fabulous Ken Ramirez said:

  • “Try to be open minded!” And then he went on talking about if we who are clicker trainers frown on and
    exclude people who are more traditional trainers, there is a risk that we will be a club for mutual admiration. Then our knowledge stays in this cosy little club.
  • Learn from others – even if they are not training exactly the same way as you are.
  • Rules change all the time. Nothing is black and white.


You don´t know who Ken Ramirez is? Ok, I can’t do him justice even how hard I try, but imagine a PASSIONATE, SUPER-NERDY, SCIENTIST-TYPE of guy (very humble) who recently taught thousands of butterflies to lift and fly over an arena on the same cue and who taught people living in an area where polar bears attacked them quite often to train the bears to stop doing it and so on … He is also a skilful and inspiring lecturer.

If you want to be inspired, be a better dog trainer and have fun meanwhile you learn a lot about clicker training – then go to Denmark in November this year! There are two expos in the US every year and one in Europe. If you are from the northern Europe this is a chance to grab a great experience quite close to home. Just do it! J

PS: You don´t need to know anything about clicker training to attend, there are different levels on the labs and seminars. Just keep an open mind! 🙂 DS


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