Ludde has crossed the rainbow bridge

In mid May, we had to make the most difficult decision a dog owner have to take – to let go of your beloved dog. Ludde was my first dog and my master guide into the world of dogs. When I bought Ludde, my only preference was that I wanted a white golden retriever and take at least one dog training course. One course turned out to be several courses in retrieving, tracking, obedience and so on. My interest in dog training just kept on growing. I became a dog instructor, got another dog, wrote a book, became a publisher, bought yet another dog. I got many amazing experiences and travels, met so many new people – dog lovers, training mates and course participants. And all along I had Ludde by my side. Now he is no longer with me and it feels like a part of me is missing. He was almost 13.5 years old when he passed away.

When Ludde came into my life he was 6.5 months. Not only did he lead me in to the new world of dog training – he also taught me the importance of adjusting my expectations to my dog. I realized quite early that I had higher expectations and wanted a lot more than Ludde was interested in when it came to dog training. That’s why I bought another dog – who was just as keen to train as I was. Ludde was happy to be a brother, he just hanged out, was mischievous, stole some food and sometimes joined in for some training. I am very happy with the decision to get a second dog, it was the best solution for both me and Ludde since we had such a different view on what we wanted to do. Instead he took the place as the cuddly dog in his own special way.

On Facebook I asked people to write how they remembered Ludde – and forth came memories and stories about the dog who loved to take off people’s socks, who stole food when they turned their backs, who did everything at his own pace and which was simply Ludde <3 So loved, and so missed!

Ludde 6.5 months old

Ludde 13 years old

The thief – who always knew if someone was watching him or not (in the video below he gets down from the table when I leave my chair in the other room)


Obedience competition with his charateristic Spanish walk heelwork ? – 9 points out of ten for heelwork, 10 points for down during heelwork.

Thanks for everything, Ludde! <3

2 thoughts on “Ludde has crossed the rainbow bridge”

  1. Michael Brooks

    Hi Elsa, beautifully written. Wonderful insight to realise that expectations need to coincide. I am certain that Ludde had a wonderful life with you. Long may Ludde be remembered. My condolences, Michael.

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