Play to Inspire Delivery to Hand

Mio plays the Switching Game
Mio plays the Switching Game

I have had – and still have – a very good use of the Switching Game when I train obedience with my dog Tassla. She is now doing obedience training on the elite level (FCI class III), and there is more retrieving at this level than at the others. We – all the obedience nerds – like to work on all the very small details forever, so therefore this game can be of good use to you. Here you can watch how I use this game when I train certain details, but also how I with the help from this game put together the whole retrieving chain in the obedience training:

With the help of this game you can train to take something quickly, to hold on to it, come back at full speed with object in a firm grip in the mouth, deliver the object to hand on cue, and not to run after a toy without a cue – yes, even steadiness! In addition, you and your dog have great fun together when you play this game, and perhaps that is the best thing. With other words: This is a really great game!

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