Privacy Policy


According to the Swedish Personal Data Act (personuppgiftslagen SFS 2008: 204), personal information is considered to be any kind of information that can be linked directly or indirectly to a private person.

Within Klickerförlaget, we treat personal data in order to administer our relationship with prospective, current and old customers. We can also use the information we have about you to provide relevant information about and marketing our own or specially selected partners’ offers.

You have the right to request registry extracts about what information we treat about you as a person, and that information is removed or changed if they are incorrect or incomplete. This is done according to rules in the law, look more closely at the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s website ».

This Privacy Policy contains information on how we handle your personal information. We urge you to read our privacy policy carefully before you consent to us processing your personal data.

1 Central concepts

Personal data is information that can be used individually or together with other data to identify, locate or contact an individual. Examples of personal data are name, telephone number and IP address.

Processing of personal data involves all types of processing of personal data, for example: collection, analysis, registration and storage.

The Data Protection Officer is the one who determines the purpose of processing personal data and which determines which personal information is requested. It is the personal data controller who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the processing of your personal data takes place in accordance with applicable personal data legislation.

2 Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB is the personal data controller

Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB is the personal data manager for the processing of your personal data.

3 What types of information do we collect?

When you register via a form, shop in our web shop or visit our website, you may be asked to leave your information. Depending on the situation, we may request the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Any company you work for
  • Other tasks such as free text questions or form answers
  • Personal
  • Technical data: the URL through which you access our web pages, your IP address and user behavior, type of browser, language and information about identification and operating system.

4 Information from other sources

When you consent to us processing your personal data, you also agree that we may register other information about you that you have provided to us earlier in other contexts.

5 How do we use the information?

The information you provide is used for the following purposes:

  • Sales and marketing activities in the form of emails or telephone contact
  • Customer care and information about our products
  • To get statistics and data on user behaviors to improve our website and the user experience of it
  • So that we can give you a more personal experience and deliver product offers and other content that you may be interested in
  • Credit information for billing

We request your contact details to:

  • Respond to requests
  • Send requested material or otherwise fulfill what we have committed in exchange for submitting your information
  • Establish and maintain a sales dialogue
  • Send information that may be of interest to you
  • Add you to mailing lists for news and other content you have chosen to share

When you consent to the processing of your personal information in accordance with the purposes set out above, you agree to:

  • We treat your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy
  • We can send you direct marketing via email about our products
  • We may contact you by e-mail or telephone
  • Subscribe to the type of e-mail you chose to accept. You can update your subscription settings and refuse to forward mail by following the link that you find at the bottom of all our mailings, or by contacting us directly.

7 How long are the data stored?

We only process personal data so long that we can fulfill the purpose of their collection, then we delete the data.

If you have an active dialogue with us, your data will be saved for 24 months from the last interaction; Then we thin the data we have registered about you. An active dialogue is defined as having during the last 24 months interacted with Klickerförlaget or representatives from Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB by telephone, by answering e-mail, downloading material on the website, shopping in our webshop, participating in our courses or registering. via a form.

If you have consented to the processing of your personal data in connection with your acceptance of regular mail requests, we will continue processing your personal data until you terminate your subscription. We then store your personal data for 24 months before we retrieve the data.

In the event that you are employed by a company that is a customer of us, we treat your data within the framework of customer care. For active customer relationships, we treat your data until (1) you terminate your employment at the company, or (2) the company no longer has an active customer relationship with us. When a customer relationship is completed, our storage and processing of your data goes over to the same conditions as described in the two previous paragraphs. If you terminate your employment at the company, you are responsible for notifying us of the contact details provided so that we can check your information.

The Personal Data Act is subsidiary, which means that if there are deviating provisions in another law or regulation, those provisions shall apply. According to the Accounting Act, the accounting information must be saved for seven years after the calendar year in which the financial year ended. Your personal data on invoices, receipts and other invoices is thus saved for seven years, then deleted.

8 Who can access the information?

The information provided will be available to a limited number of people within the company who work in the departments for marketing, distribution, bookkeeping and course activities.

9 We share some information within the framework of cooperation with third parties

We do not sell your personal data to third parties.

If we have registered your information in connection with an event that we carry out together with an external party, we may transfer the same categories of personal data as stated above as well as any response to additional form questions or free text responses.

10 Where is the data stored?

The information is kept for Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB’s account in the e-commerce platform WooCommerce on’s servers, the newsletter tool MailChimp, the accounting program Fortnox and for payment processing PayPal and Stripe.

Our web hotel is provided by Read their privacy policy on their website: The server that uses is provided by Google cloud and placed in Finland.

Fortnox data is available in two geographically separated data centers in Sweden with full redundancy at all levels. Read more about Fortnox’s operating environment on their website (in Swedish).

MailChimp stores its physical services, where your data is stored, outside the EU / EEA area. The data transfer made to servers in third countries complies with the rules for secure data transfer under the Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, according to the Privacy Shield Frameworks framework developed between the EU and the US. More information about Privacy Shield Frameworks can be found on this page: You can read more about MailChimps security on their website

Paypal’s privacy policy can be found on their website:

Stripes privacy policy can be found on their website:

11 You have the right to know what information we have about you

As of May 25, 2018, the new Data Protection Act begins to apply. You then have the right to receive information about what information we have about you in the form of a registry extract. You can also request that we correct incorrect information or delete information about you. You also have the right to withdraw your consent for us to process your personal data. If you withdraw your consent, we will remove the information we have about you. Please note that deleting your personal data from us may affect the delivery of information within the framework of a customer relationship, and possibly affect ongoing dialogues.

If you want to withdraw your consent, or request a registry extract, correction or deletion, please contact us at the e-mail address we have provided under the contact information section. In order to take part in your registry extract, you need to send an electronic copy of a signed document with your request.

12 Contact details for Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB

Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB is the personal data manager for the processing of your personal data. If you have questions about our treatment or wish to get in touch with us to exercise your rights, you can find our contact details below:

Retrieving for All Occasions
c/o Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB
Hultet Blomstergården 1
43895 Hällingsjö
Phone number: 070-300 80 99 (weekdays 9-18)
VAT number: SE556907024501
Email address:

On the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s website you can read more about personal data management and the data protection regulation.