Puppy frenzy – again :)

Having a puppy now wasn’t really part of the plan, but since my young dog Yarrow turned out to have problems with his elbows that put an end to his hunting days and he has been living with a friend of mine for a couple of months I realized I needed a new puppy. I’ve now processed that so that I’m able to look forward to the new puppy – and in just a weeks time he’s moving in with us 🙂

As always, it’s exciting and a little nerve-wracking. What kind of little individual is he? Will he feel at home with us? How will the training go forward? And so on… I visited the puppy a while ago – so small and cute <3 He was a little over four weeks old then. The children were also completely captivated by the puppies, especially Viola. She probably would have stayed with them if we’d let her 😉 I didn’t have time to get an idea about their different personalities, but all the puppies were curious, wanted to come over and check us out, bite us a little and then fell asleep. <3

The necklace collection – you can almost see the color which has not been used at all 😉

Before the puppy moves in, I have, of course, prepared a little. First, it was a new necklace. I have a collar series that I like, Red Dingo, so each new dog gets its own color. This time Viola got to choose and it turned out to be purple daisies. Ludde had red dog bones, Diesel dark blue hibiscus, Seeker orange planets, Keen lime green flanno and Yarrow turquoise flanno. That’s becoming collection 😉

And then there were some chew bones (moose skin, hopefully will last a long time), snack snakes that can be filled with treats so he has something to do for a while, some soft toys I had in the pantry and a slow-eat plate so he doesn’t inhale his food. In addition to that, we already have a dog bed, compost grates and gates indoors. The puppy will sleep next to my bed, between the bed and the wall separated by a baby gate so he doesn’t start wandering around in the middle of the night. It could also be that I bought a matching purple folder to keep the pedigree and other important papers in. Then I thought I already had the rest at home 😉 – for example tons of toys.

Do you also have a puppy on the way? What have you prepared with? Or what do you usually prepare with before the arrival of the puppy?

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