Seminar on retrieving in Kiruna

A while ago I was in Kiruna, giving a seminar hosted by Margareta at Arctos hundskola. I had a great time with dedicated students, dogs happy to work and wonderful places to work the dogs in. For a change, the group wasn’t all Labrador Retriever. There was one and a half Lab and four Tollers. We had quite a few young dogs: two puppies around 5-6 months of age, a couple of youngsters and a couple around 3 years of age.

We put a lot of focus on having the dogs being relaxed and focused in order to get to work. When they were relaxed and focused we worked on deliveries, deliveries with distractions, deliveries from water, steadiness, heeling and the stop whistle. We also managed to cover some work close to water (not IN the water like most of the dogs wanted, but instead we worked on balancing their expectations so that they could work in the vicinity of water without entering it).

Lek fram gripande

Troya, a very cute Toller puppy, got to begin by playing to get grabbing and holding.


Margareta and Sempo are working on the stop whistle (I wasn’t this much of a road block, not the entire time any way 😉 )

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