Taking and holding

We want quick and accurate retrievals, which is why we must teach our dogs the correct way to pick up an article . After picking up the dummy, we want the dog to return to us immediately. This means that we have to teach the dog to get a firm hold on the retrieved object from the beginning so it doesn’t have to set it down to get a better grip.

A lot of spaniels and retrievers have a loose grip, despite the fact that they love to carry things. So, we need to teach them to have a firm grip on the dummy at all times. Here you’ll find all our blog posts on taking and holding.

Say hello to Miklaus Brie!

When it is impossible to get another dog, but you still want to plan a little for the future, you have to be creative. I have been thinking about breeding and my dream is to get myself into the breeding work. I thought a lot about it with Tassla, back and forth, was a...

Webinar: Reliable Behaviors

  Will your dog pick the dummy over the hamburger? No? Most other dogs wouldn't either - but with the right training you can teach your dog to do it! Along the way you'll also learn how to use the same principles to teach your dog to come when called even...

When The Hold Isn’t Good Enough

A while ago I had a project with Tassla. The goal wass to improve her hold. She’s always had a leaning towards a somewhat loose hold and most of all; she’s been likely to chew the objects that she’s retrieving. In order to develop a firm hold, I’ve been playing with...

The party of the year: Summer camp

Every year we have a gun dog summer camp which is just so much fun so we wanted to share a story from our second summer camp a couple of years ago. The previous year’s camp was amazing and this camp was at least as fantastic, according to many of those whom...

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